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Text Box: Sarah Morrison of MorrisonDance and Tom Collura of BrainMaster Technologies, Inc. collaborated recently in the second public performance of Morrison's composition "INSIDE (Molecular Bodies Within)," using BrainMaster's new "Freedom" wireless EEG neurofeedback technology.  This was an updated excerpt of the similar performance that was presented last year as part of the "Ingenuity Cleveland 2005" science/art festival.
This latest performance was presented at the 2006 Heart/Brain Summit at the Earl and Doris Bakken Heart/Brain Institute of the Cleveland Clinic.  Performed at the HealthSpace Museum on June 16, 2006, the performance combined Morrison's original dance choreography with live EEG waveforms and graphics projected behind her.  This reception and performance was combined with the presentation of a Lifetime Achievement Award to Dr. Earl Bakken, founder of Medtronic.  Dr. Paul Pearsall, a psychoneuroimmunologist from the University of Hawaii, also presented a talk on "Contextual Cardiology," which was accompanied by an interpretive Hula dance conveying the connection between the heart, brain, and health.  225 physicians, researchers, and health-care leaders were in attendance at the event.
Dr. Collura introduced the performance by explaining the technology and the interpretation of the live real-time EEG displays.  These were visible on a giant rear-projection screen while Ms. Morrison was still backstage.  Morrison then came onstage, showed the live nature of the brainwave recordings, and demonstrated voluntary control over her internal brain state via neurofeedback.  
The Freedom wireless EEG system provides a range of over 100 feet and easily penetrates objects and walls, Text Box: Brainwave Connections
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MorrisonDance and BrainMaster perform “Inside” at

The Cleveland Clinic Bakken Heart/Brain Institute

This new adaptation of INSIDE included new dance moves including gymnastic maneuvers and even a headstand, as part of the updated choreography.

Morrison also participated in live demonstrations during the pre-dinner activities, showing that her awareness and control of brain states contribute to her artistic composure and expression.  Neurofeedback provides a two-way street, in which the audience appreciates the internal brain states of the performer, while the performer enjoys the benefits of neurofeedback for peak performance and creativity.  Morrison's EEG showed that she was able to remain "in the zone" during the demonstrations, which yielded both interesting and engaging EEG displays, and enhanced the quality of the performance.

BrainMaster and MorrisonDance plan to continue their collaboration fusing art and science, in the pursuit of new ways of approaching the brain, mind, heart, and the "dancer within."  Future projects will include EKG monitoring, heart-rate variability, and additional modalities, as part of the continuing artistic and technical development of this new and engaging art form.