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document Recent Research on neurofeedbackand ADHD from Spain
The article below shows recent positive results using neurofeedback for ADHD.   Meisel, V., Servera, M., Garcia-Banda, G., Cardo, E., Moreno, I., Neurofeedback and standard pharmacological intervention in ADHD: A randomized controlled...
18 Oct, 2013
document Short-Form, Comedy Improv Affects the Functional Connectivity in the Brain of Adolescents with Complex Developmental Trauma as Measured by qEEG: A Single Group Pilot StudyMary DeMichele*and Scott Kuenneke
12 Apr, 2021
document Neuroplasticity and Rehabilitation
Edited by Sarah A. Raskin Brain plasticity is the focus of a growing body of research with significant implications for neurorehabilitation. This state-of-the-art volume explores ways in which brain-injured individuals may be helped not only to...
05 Oct, 2013
document American Mental Health Counseling Association - Collura Power Point - Neurofeedback in Mental Health Counseling
The attached pdf is of a talk given by Dr. Collura on July 15 at the Annual Meeting of the AMHCA (American Mental Health Counseing Association) in San Francisco.  The topic is neurofeedback and neuronal dynamics in mental health counseling,...
05 Oct, 2013
document Large-scale brain systems in ADHD: beyond the prefrontal-striatal model
By Castellanos FX, Proal E. Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) has long been thought to reflect dysfunction of prefrontal-striatal circuitry, with involvement of other circuits largely ignored. Recent advances in systems...
05 Oct, 2013
document Links to Collura et al publications
The following is a link to   The following is a link to Collura, T.F. (2009) Use the following link to get a pdf file of:  Collura, T.F., Thatcher, R.W., Smith, M.L., Lambos, W.A., and C.R. Stark (2009) EEG...
05 Oct, 2013
document Publication of IEEE Recommended Practice for Neurofeedback Systems
I am pleased to announce the publication of the IEEE Recommended Practice for Neurofeedback Systems.  This project was initiated by ISNR and included the collective effort of several other organizations.  ISNR would like to acknowledge Tom...
12 Dec, 2018
document Who is Stress Therapy Solutions?
Stress Therapy Solutions, Inc. (STS) is an educational company that sponsors training, publications, and research to futher health care and personal growth, especially where stress is an element.    
05 Oct, 2013
document Where are the Brainwave Connections archives?
Brainwave Connections is the newsletter of Stress Therapy Solutions. It is archived at:    
05 Oct, 2013
document Can I contribute an article to the STS Knowledge Base?
Yes, simply go to: log in with the username: contrib and the password: stsinc   Then enter your article. We will review it, and then post it.
05 Oct, 2013
document ISNR Issues Practice Guidelines for Neurofeedback
Dear Members of ISNR, Over the past three years
13 Feb, 2013
document Brown University Progress Report - Alzheimer's and Live Z-Score Training
The following report from Dr. Elena Festa of the Brown University Department of Psychology shows beneficial effects of neurofeedback on patients with early onset of dementia.  This was a randomized, controlled, sham-controlled study...
14 Jun, 2019
document Neurofeedback is Evidence Based for ADD/ADHD
From Medical News Today: Neurofeedback is evidence-based: Lead implicated in ADHD:    
05 Oct, 2013
document Washington Post Article
05 Oct, 2013
document Americanization of Mental Illness
05 Oct, 2013
document Case Study - Nancy Wigton 44 YO MALE
The attached case study includes pre- and post- assessments, using Live Z-score training. The client was a 44 YO male with ADHD/Bipolar/Anxiety symptoms      
05 Oct, 2013
document Report from Tom Brownback regarding live Z-Score Training
From the point of view of perspective, I go back to a time several years ago at one of the last future health meetings in California. This was when we decided to partner in a joint venture between BrainMaster and Brownback Mason and Associates. At...
05 Oct, 2013
document Case Studies from Dr. Fred Starr
     This is an unsolicited review, and you may put this endorsement on your website if you like. I was compiling some data for publication and I was pleasantly surprised to see the results I am attaching above....
05 Oct, 2013
document Case Studies from Dr. Joseph Guan
05 Oct, 2013
document Effects on Mood and EEG States After Meditation in Augmented Reality With and Without Adjunctive Neurofeedback Jeremy Viczko, Jeff Tarrant, and Ray Jackson
12 Apr, 2021