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document 2018 BrainMaster study, 147 published research articles from 2003-2018
A 2018 BrainMaster Post Market Clinical Follow-up study, completed for ISO/European Union Medical Device Regulations, found BrainMaster EEG devices used increasingly for research from 2003 to 2018. From a comprehensive literature search, the study...
14 Jun, 2019
document BrainMaster EEG device research bibliography through Google Scholar
1) BrainMaster and QEEG (307 + results, 28 pages)   2) BrainMaster and EEG (673 + results)   3)) BrainMaster and sLORETA (71 + results) 4) BrainMaster and ADHD (253 + results) 5) BrainMaster and Epilepsy (302 +...
14 Jun, 2019
document Teens’ Self-Consciousness Linked With Specific Brain, Physiological Responses
Teenagers are famously self-conscious, acutely aware and concerned about what their peers think of them. A new study reveals that this self-consciousness is linked with specific physiological and
14 Jun, 2019
document Antidepressant Efficacy Evaluated in Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics - Pigot, Leventhal, Alter, Boren - NeuroAdvantage and American University
The following link is to the following article, that evaluates the (lack of) effectiveness of antidepressants: Antidepressants are not significantly better than placebo, and have significant side effects.
14 Jun, 2019
document Taking Control - Depression sufferers try changing their brain waves
Chicago Tribune Article - July 29, 2001 - Discusses the use of neurofeedback in addressing depression.
14 Jun, 2019
document American Academy of Pediatrics Evidence-Based Psychosocial Interventions
The attached report was published by the American Academy of Pediatrics, and shows evidence-based child and adolescent psychosocial interventions and their levels of support.  Biofeedback is among the Level 1 - BEST SUPPORT treatments for...
14 Jun, 2019
document UCLA researchers map damaged connections in Phineas Gage's brain
By Mark Wheeler Poor Phineas Gage. In 1848, the supervisor for the Rutland and Burlington Railroad in Vermont was using a 13-pound, 3-foot-7-inch rod to pack blasting powder into a rock when he triggered an explosion that drove the rod through...
14 Jun, 2019
document Brain Wiring a No-Brainer?
National Institute of Mental Health The brain appears to be wired more like the checkerboard streets of New York City than the curvy lanes of Columbia, Md., suggests a new brain imaging study. The most detailed images, to date, reveal a pervasive...
14 Jun, 2019
document NeuroConnections Winter 2012 Articles
The attached articles are from the Winter 2012 NeuroConnections.  This newsletter is provided to members of the ISNR and the AAPB.  The issue focused on the new BrainAvatar system from BrainMaster, and its clinical and research...
14 Jun, 2019
document Computerized Brain Training Aids Cognition in Schizophrenia
By Mark Moran Training the brains of patients in lower-level perceptual and attentional learning processes can have effects on multiple neural systems resulting in higher level cognitive improvements and enhanced quality of life... To read...
14 Jun, 2019
document Performance Coach and Jackman, Dr. Nick Sutton, Helps Driver Justin Lofton to NASCAR Camping World Truck Series Points Lead
Lofton, driver of the Chevrolet, leads in points in the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series. Lofton’s success coincides with the addition of Dr. Nick Sutton of CHAMP Consulting to the team. Dr. Sutton has been responsible for...
14 Jun, 2019
document Neurodiagnostic Corner
Neurodiagnostic Corner Provided to you by the Tarnow Center for Self-Management on a monthly basis. This month's article can be found .
14 Jun, 2019
document QEEG-Guided Neurofeedback for Recurrent Migraine Headaches - Dr. Jonathan Walker NEW PRESS RELEASE
The attached article describes results with 71 patients receiving neurofeedback for recurrent migraine headaches.  The study used BrainMaster Atlantis 2-channel devices with BrainMaster software to increase 10 Hz activity while decreasing...
14 Jun, 2019
document Biofeedback Now a Level 1 Best Support Intervention for Attention Hyperactivity Behaviors
14 Jun, 2019
document NEWS ALERT: ISNR Sponsored ADHD Study Insurance Reimbursement for Neurofeedback
Please review the attached white paper on a comprehensive meta-analysis comparing the effectiveness of neurofeedback to behavior therapy, cognitive behavior therapy, and stimulant medication for treatment of ADHD
24 Apr, 2013
document How the brain controls our habits
Habits are behaviors wired so deeply in our brains that we perform them automatically. This allows you to follow the same route
14 Jun, 2019
document Alzheimer’s Precursors Evident in Brain at Early Age
Scientists studying Alzheimer’s disease are increasingly finding clues that the brain begins to deteriorate years before a person shows symptoms of dementia.
14 Jun, 2019
document Use of controversial ‘brain-mapping’ technology stymied in Florida courts
Two years ago, a controversial “brain-mapping” technology — allowed into evidence by one Miami-Dade judge — helped spare convicted Kendall murderer Grady Nelson
14 Jun, 2019
document Ariz. company helping athletes improve mental game
The Waste Management Phoenix Open may have already come and gone this year, but a new product to improve the mental game of golfers and other
14 Jun, 2019
document Article on Blue Light
This is an interesting article on the effect of computer displays. We are increasingly recommending that clients avoid excessive use of digital devices, and kids in particular should stay away form them before bedtime. This is one...
14 Jun, 2019