ISNR Issues Practice Guidelines for Neurofeedback

Dear Members of ISNR,

Over the past three years the Board of Directors has been engaged in a process to try and create some basic directions for what competent and adequate neurofeedback treatment should entail. After much hard work from many people we have been able to create a set of guidelines which we hope are useful both for the practitioner and for the general public.


The Board wants to especially thank the members of the ad hoc Standards Committee: Cory Hammond, Sara Harper, Jerry Gluck, Deb Stokes, Paul Swingle, Genie Bodenhammer-Davis, David Trudeau, and Linda Kirk.  Their hard work and thoughtful suggestions were immensely helpful in the creation of the document.


Like all guidelines, the document is intended as a living one.  A document that will change and evolve as our field changes. We hope that the guidelines are something that will help to foster increasing the availability of quality Neurotherapy and facilitate the public's understanding of what to look for as they seek treatment from qualified professionals.



Randy Lyle

ISNR President