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Ariz. company helping athletes improve mental game

The Waste Management Phoenix Open may have already come and gone this year, but a new product to improve the mental game of golfers and other athletes is here to stay.

Target Training International Ltd. (TTI) debuted its TTI Performance Edge at the January tournament.

The Scottsdale, Ariz., company’s Performance Edge provides athletes with performance assessments, custom-designed surveys, along with a non-invasive EEG brain scan powered by BrainMaster Technology, which shows the mental roadblocks they may face in their game.

“If you think it’s your swing, you can practice 24 hours a day and still not get better,” said Bill Bonnstetter, founder and chairman of Target Training International. “But the mental side of the game is still keeping more people from winning than that physical side.”

According to a press release, research has shown once athletes understand the ways their brains have been stuck in destructive loops, they can overcome them.

“We’re exposing that hidden brain,” said Dr. Ron Bonnstetter, vice president of research and development at TTI. “We’re exposing, at the subconscious level, thoughts that really hamper each of us.

“Not only in sports, but other aspects of our lives,” he continued. “It really makes a difference when you can show you an image and get you to actually respond and lay it right in front of you. You can’t imagine the evidence.”

Once the results from the brain scan are discussed with the athlete, Target Training International staff members give them a plan to work on those mental roadblocks. This includes directed meditation, coaching, as well as recommendations for further counseling.

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